Coaches on Cricket, Football and Hockey and Thier Tasks

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 1. Coach of Cricket:

 A cricket match is a game between two sides where each side fields eleven players. The coach gives instructions on what the batsman should do while batting, the bowler should do while bowling, and the fielders while fielding. The coach calls balls, strikes, wides, no-balls, fours, sixes, boundaries and extras. He calls the umpires' decisions as well as the time taken in deciding them. A cricket match may last 5 days; however, it is uncommon now to play matches longer than five days. The coach oversees the whole match. If the score is tied after ten overs, then the final 20 overs will be played only. If it is still tied at the end of these twenty overs, then the tie will be resolved according to a super over. There are three types of coaches: 

  1. Head coach 
  2. Assistant coach
  3. Volunteer coach. 

 2. Coach of Football:

 The coach instructs his players regarding the strategy to win the match. He gives instructions on how to tackle, pass, kick, shoot and dribble. He also tells his players whether to run forwards or backwards, left or right. He ensures that the team follows the rules of the game and not breaking any rules. He makes sure that his players are physically fit enough to play the game. He keeps the winning morale of the team high by motivating them. 

 3. Coach of Hockey:

 Hockey is a fast paced sport with lots of action, speed, and excitement. The coach takes care of the tactics, strategies, and skills of the team members. He motivates the players and gets them to work hard by praising them from time to time. He keeps track of the goals scored, assists and points earned by his team-mates. He also ensures that he does not allow fighting between teammates.

Who is Coach:

A Coach helps players improve their skills through training and tactical planning. They help players perform at their best by providing feedback and motivation. Coaches may also lead the team to success by setting goals, devising strategies, and motivating players to reach these goals.

In cricket;  A coach is responsible for leading the team on field during the match. He makes calls on the pitch based on his judgment and experience.

In hockey; In hockey, a coach is the person who plans and executes the tactics for each game and practices sessions. The coach works closely with the team captain and other members of the coaching staff to plan the strategy for games and practices. A successful hockey player should have good leadership qualities, discipline, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic.

In football;  A football coach is responsible for directing the actions of the team during the game. They make decisions on the field and call plays. The head coach is tasked to build a winning culture in the team and motivate them towards achieving success. Head coaches are expected to organize practice routines and oversee recruitment and training activities.

Role of Coach:

Cricket - Coach's role is to prepare players for upcoming matches. He/she should have basic knowledge about playing skills and tactics of cricket and he should have good command over English language.

 Hockey - The role of hockey coaches is to keep the team motivated throughout the season. Coaches need to know the basics of game strategy, rules, tactics, and how to motivate your players.

 Football - According to FIFA regulations, football coaching license requires only a minimum of 5 years of experience at youth level and 2-3 years of experience at senior level, while UEFA recommends just 1 year of experience at youth level. Furthermore, if you wish to become a football coach then you should get training and coaching course.

Responsibilities of Coaches:

In Cricket, the Coach takes responsibility of his team’s performance and does everything he can to enable his side win. In cricket, he controls the batting order, decides what shots are played, how many balls are bowled etc. He also plans ahead and tries to influence the match situation (by giving instructions) before the match starts. But the most important thing about the coach is that he has the last word on what happens at the end of each match. Like in any sport where the objective is to get points, the winning team gets two points while the losing team gets nothing. So even if the game goes on till the end and no goals are scored, the first team to reach 2 points wins the match since they have got the maximum amount of points from the game. If one team scores more number of runs than its opponent, then the winner is decided based on the difference between the runs scored by both teams.

 In Hockey, the coach makes sure that his players play well individually and collectively. To do this, he gives them good advice and helps them improve their skills using drills/practices and training sessions. When a player is playing well he might give him some special treatment to keep him motivated to perform well. This may include praising him publicly, or telling him something positive. On the contrary, sometimes he criticizes the player for not performing well. He also ensures that his players are always ready for the game, and never lets them get tired out.

 In football, the coach is responsible for making sure that his team plays together as a unit. Since football is a team game, the coach should make sure that the team members understand the team strategy, communicate effectively with each other, work efficiently as a team, and maintain discipline at all times. He also keeps track of the opponents' strengths and weaknesses and prepares strategies accordingly. The coach should make the team aware of the tactics of the opposing team and use these information along with the team's own strengths to devise effective counter-plays. He also coordinates with team members to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Scheme of Cricket:

A cricket match is played between two teams consisting of 11 players each. Each team consists of 4 batsmen (who bat), 4 bowlers (who bowl) and 1 wicket keeper (who keeps). There are 5 innings and if the score reaches 50 then the game ends.

Scheme of Hockey:

 In hockey, there is no fixed number of players per side; rather, in most games, the two teams consist of a maximum of 6 on-ice players at any given time. In football, a team may have 15 players on the pitch at once. Two halves of 10 minutes length are played. At the end of the half, if either team scores, then they win the match.

Let us discuss these of Coaches roles in detail.

 1. Coaching in Cricket

 A cricket coach is responsible for planning and strategics the team's games. He is also responsible for motivating his players to perform effectively.

 He decides what kind of wickets they should aim at. He also tells them how long they should bowl at particular batsman. He also tries to create positive thinking among his players.

 2. Coaching in Hockey

 Hockey coaches plan the tactics and strategy of the teams. They try to decide whether the players need to attack, defend, or counter-attack.

 They also give hints about the best time to score goals. They also teach players to use different kinds of shots and sticks.

 3. Coach in Football

 Football coaches plan the game strategy, manage the tactics, and also motivate their players.

 The coaches choose their players carefully based on their strengths and weaknesses. They also keep a record of each player’s history.

 They also tell the players about the opponent team and give them tips about how to win the match.

 These are some of the roles played by coaches in sports. Let me know if you want any further information regarding the same.

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