Easy Methods To Reduce Defeats In Cricket Match

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Batting first

It is not wise to bat first if your opponent is bowling well. If your batting team scores big runs early then your opponents' bowling performance comes down to a level where they cannot stop your run-making ability. So, it is always better to bat last if you want to score big runs. You can even delay your start of batting until the last over and still have good results.

Use spinners

 Using spinners is the best way to slow down batters. Spinners are useful in limiting scoring rates by restricting movement of the ball. Also, spinners cause the batsman to attack shots which are not their natural strokes. By doing this, spinners make it difficult for the batter to hit four consecutive boundaries. Because of these reasons, spinners are useful in reducing batting rates.

 Bowlers need practice

 You may be surprised how well bowlers practice in the nets before playing matches. Bowling coaches spend many hours practicing before each game. Because they don't have time to do this in real matches, they use the net sessions to perfect their skills. Practice helps them get familiar with the conditions and gives them confidence. While this is helpful for training, it does tend to work in matches.

Give a few wickets away

 If you know that your batsmen are struggling to score big runs, try giving away a few wickets. This will allow your opponents to take advantage of the situation and score some quick runs. However, you should note that if you give away too many wickets your own batting rate might suffer.

 Make the pitch slower

 Another option for reducing batting rates is making sure you have a slow pitch. A slow pitch slows down the running speed of the ball. As a result, the batsman's timing becomes affected, causing him to miss out on his favorite shots. Slower pitches also mean less bounce. If you can manage to adjust the grass and sand beneath the pitch, you can easily create a slow pitch.

Use different fielding positions

 Fielding position is something that you can change at any moment during the course of the game. If you are playing someone who relies heavily on pace, you should place yourself closer to the bowler. This will put pressure on the fast bowler, forcing him to either drop a catch or concede a boundary.

Use field placements wisely

 Placing fields strategically is another effective way to limit scoring rates. Try placing fields between mid wicket and long off. Long off is ideal if you sense that the batsman is likely to hit sixes. You can also place a fielder at mid-off if you believe the batsman is going to play aggressively.

(1) Don't get defeated before start of match

If you have lost previous matches then don't think that your opponent won't defeat you again. Try to play well in first inning of match since winning in first inning is easier than later innings. You may lose the match by getting less runs in the first inning, but if you score enough runs in 2nd inning, you can easily win the match. In case if you fail to put up good scores in 1st inning, try to stop opponents in their tracks, and take wickets early in the match. Also, if possible, don't concede any run at time of loss of wicket.

(2) Don't let go after losing the toss

If you are going to bat first, you should not give away advantage of batting first as early as losing the toss. Always wait till the opposition starts its innings before deciding whether to accept or decline the offer of bowling first. At least give them chance to bowl twice, rather than once.

(3) Keep fielding tight

When batsmen gets out (runs), make sure that you field quickly to prevent scoring runs. Fielding tight prevents ball from reaching boundary line and hence prevents batsman from scoring runs. If you have bowler who is capable of taking good catch, use him to capture the ball while batsman is out.

(4) Use spinners wisely

When you need a specialist bowler, use him cautiously. He should be able to bowl yorkers, slower balls, bouncers etc. He should be able maintain good speed to prevent batsman from hitting boundaries.

(5) Bat slowly

Batting slowly enables you to control the game. Slow players keep fielders busy and thus restrict them from diving between the stumps. Slow players can hit sixes, fours, twos, and singles without much difficulty. Thus slow batters provide a perfect platform for fast bowlers to bowl full length balls.

(6) Do not let bowler attack

If you know that your bowler is likely to bowl short, then do not allow him to aim at the stumps. Instead, he should aim towards middle stump and try to induce cracks. By doing so, you can restrict his accuracy and force him to bowl shorter lengths.

(7) Use different type of balls

Use two types of balls in the game. One should be bouncer and other should be slower so that batsman does not become accustomed to playing with bouncer. Use soft balls only. Soft balls have lesser bounce and thus batsman cannot hit hard shot.

(8) Use fielders efficiently

If you want to restrict batsmen from hitting boundaries, then ensure that fielders stay close to batsman. Make sure that you move fielders closer towards batsman if he hits boundary. If he tries to hit wide, move him back.

(9) Make use of DRS

Use DRS system whenever applicable. If umpires calls right decision, then save precious few seconds for yourself. Save time by calling DRS.

(10) Have patience

Patience is virtue and the best way to win a game. Wait until your partner comes forward, and then strike immediately.

(11) Avoid excessive celebration

Overdoing celebrations can lead to injuries. It is always preferable to celebrate in moderation.

(12) Practice hard

Practicing hard is the first method that you need to follow if you want to achieve good wins and reduced loses in cricket matches. All you have to do is practice hard and play in many tournaments/matches. You will surely gain more experience in playing cricket matches and will become a professional player once you reach the top level.

(13) Play with talented players

 If you are not able to join any tournaments/games then try joining games where your team mates are good cricketers. In these types of games, you will get great tips and advice about how to play well in cricket matches. You need to know the rules of the game before taking part in any tournament/game. You should also make sure that your teammates know the rules before they begin their strategy. Playing according to the rules of the game ensures that you win fair and square without cheating.

(14) Use the best equipment

 Using the best equipment is the second method that you should use if you want to win in cricket matches. Always make sure that you use the best balls, bats and wickets. These items will help you in winning in cricket matches and ensure that you don't lose in any game.

(15) Team work

 Team work is the third method that you should use in order to win in cricket matches easily. If the whole team works together, then even if your team loses, you will still win the entire competition.

(16) Be positive

 Being negative and being pessimistic is the fourth method that you need to use in order to win cricket matches. Being positive and optimistic helps you in becoming a winner in cricket matches. Don't forget to always keep smiling and be happy in your daily routine and activities.

(17) Create confidence

 Creating confidence in yourself is the fifth method that you need to know if you want to win cricket matches easily. Make sure that you stay confident in yourself and always believe in what you do.

(18) Use Positive Motivation To Enhance Winning In Cricket Matches

 If you want to improve your performance while playing cricket matches then you should use positive motivation. You should motivate yourself by using mental focus before playing cricket matches. If you think about that your opponent will not score enough runs than he will be slow at scoring runs. So, you need to focus on your game and make sure that you do not lose concentration. Also, you have to try to increase your batting skills and keep your wickets intact. If you play in the right way then you can get a lot of good results.

(19) Developing Your Mental Strength

 Mental strength helps you to do things properly and to perform well throughout the day. It will help you to develop your character and self-confidence. If you have developed your mental strength then you will feel good and happy as a cricketer. And if you feel happy then you will easily able to concentrate on your work and give all your efforts towards achieving your goals.

(20) Maintain Physical Fitness

 You should maintain physical fitness to do many activities smoothly and without any problems. If you have maintained physical fitness then you can play cricket matches and you won’t face any problem even after completing the games. You must follow some daily exercises and play sports regularly. Along with maintaining physical fitness, you should also take care of your diet. If you eat junk food then you might be suffering from different diseases and disorders. So, you should consume fresh vegetables and fruits every day.


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