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Cricket is a popular game played by people across India since ancient times. It is believed to have originated during the time of Mahabharata. At present cricket matches are being held at various places. In the traditional games, players use bat and ball to hit each other's stumps. However, today cricket matches are organized with the help of special balls and bats. The best cricket match organizers always make sure their team members are well equipped with the equipment needed to win the match.

In order to organize such matches, firstly you need to hire a good cricket organizer who knows how to conduct a sports event. The organizer should choose the venues where the matches are going to be held and give the necessary instructions to his team members about the rules and regulations of the sport. The match organizer should ensure that he hires only genuine cricketers and not some fake ones. It is better to check out the reputation of the cricketer hiring company before accepting their offer. If you want to know more about the cricketers, just search online. There are many websites where you can find out about them.

Before the match starts, the organizer should inform his players about the schedule of the match and tell them what they need to do in order to win. He should also tell them about the dress code of the participants and ask that they wear their uniforms appropriately. When he tells them the dress code, he should also point out that they cannot wear any jewelry that might distract them while batting or bowling.

Responsibility of Coach

The player's coach should check whether their batsmen have enough practice sessions and fitness exercises. He should also ensure that they have proper training sessions before the start of the match. Before the match starts, he should instruct his bowler about the type of pitch he wants his bowlers to throw.

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While conducting these matches, you should never forget to take care of safety. You should keep the spectators safe while they wait for the match to begin. For example, if someone slips down while waiting for the match to begin, then you should immediately help him get back up. Before the match ends, you should congratulate both the teams and give prizes to those who performed well in the match. After the match, you should clean up everything that was left behind.

Rules of Cricket to Follow

Cricket match is a game played between two teams consisting of 11 players each. Each team scores runs by hitting the ball using a bat. Each player bats twice, and the goal of the game is to score more runs than the opposition. However, cricket match has been popular not only among adults, but teenagers and children too. In fact, kids love playing cricket match because they have fun while exercising their skills to hit the ball from the pitch towards the target.

However, when it comes to getting your desired outcome, cricket match can get complicated sometimes. Even if you are the best cricketer in the world, you may still lose the game due to several reasons. For instance, some games require a lot of skill and knowledge while others require luck and good fortune. If you know what these factors are going to affect your game, then you are already half way to winning!

Key To Success in Cricket Match

1. Skill

 When it comes to knowing how to play cricket match well, you need to make sure that you possess both physical and mental fitness. Physical fitness means that you should be in shape since you need to be able to move efficiently around the field while batting or bowling. Mental fitness refers to your capability to think logically and strategically. By having a clear mind, you are capable of making smart decisions regarding the movement of the ball and the position where you want to strike the ball. As a result, you can decide whether to keep the ball or send it back to the bowler, or even call for a run-out. In addition, you should be ready to learn new techniques and strategies as time goes by.

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2. Luck

 On the other hand, luck is something that cannot be influenced. Simply put, it's random chance. If you happen to be playing a game that requires speed and reflexes, then luck becomes a big factor in determining who wins the game. While you may think that you are just doing your best and working hard throughout the game, but still, the result is unpredictable. There are times when your opponent does everything right, yet he still loses. Likewise, there are situations where you perform poorly and still win the game. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to hit a six or a four, and sometimes, you miss when you wanted to hit a boundary. This simply means that you don't control your fate. So, instead of thinking about how much effort you've put in, try to focus on enjoying yourself and have fun. After all, the ultimate winner is the person who enjoys himself and makes his opponents laugh!

So, if you want to become a real cricket master, follow these steps first before taking any action. First off, you need to work on your skills, and second, practice constantly until you start to feel confident. And lastly, enjoy yourself while playing your favorite sport!

Why do we need to know about cricket scorecard?

Cricket Scorecard is extremely helpful for the cricket lovers who wants to keep track of their favorite player's performance. Cricket scorecards are printed with player name, team name, date, time and venue of the game, number of overs played, number of balls faced, total runs scored, wickets taken, batsman’s highest score, innings’ stand, not out, extras, etc.

How do I find my favorite cricketer’s cricket scorecard?

You can easily search for cricket scorecards by searching some keywords like cricket scorecard, cricketers scorecard, cricket match scorecard, team scorecard, cricket tournament scorecard, etc.

How does cricket scorecard help us?

By knowing the details of cricket match like time, venue and players, it helps us to get the live updates of the game. If we want to know the batting order, we can look at the scorecard. Also, if you want to know how much runs were scored in last session, then you can refer the cricket scorecard.

Which format of cricket scorecard should I prefer?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of Test or ODI’s. There are different types of formats of cricket scorecards like One Day International (ODI) Scorecard, Twenty20 International (T20I) Scorecard, World Cup 2015 Scorecard, ICC Champions Trophy 2016 Scorecard, World XI vs Pakistan Scorecard, Indian Premier League (IPL) Scorecard etc.

Do I need to buy cricket scorecard to follow cricket matches?

No! Cricket scorecards are free to download and print.

By following these steps you will surely enjoy organizing cricket matches successfully.

Cricket match requires good practice

Cricket match requires good practice; if you have been following Cricket matches for some time, then you would know that cricket match is a team game where two teams compete against each other. The objective of playing cricket is to score runs (and take wickets) while batting at the batsman's end and bowling the ball at the bowler's end. To play cricket, you need to maintain stamina and concentration throughout the match. In addition, cricket players need to keep themselves fit and healthy by exercising regularly.

The match begins with toss of coin

The match starts with the Toss of Coin. There are two sides in the match and both the teams have equal chances to win the match. Both the teams have to bat first. After the completion of the inning, the winning side gets the opportunity to bowl the opposition team first.

Play only 10 overs per innings

After the completion of the ten overs, the match ends. If you want to remain focused and enjoy the match, then you should remember that you can’t play more than ten overs. If you play more than ten overs, then you might get distracted due to fatigue. Therefore, it is advisable to keep yourself fresh and avoid getting tired.

Batting is done in five-over sessions

Batters have to wait until the fielding team scores 100 runs before they can bat during their turn. Once the fielding team reaches hundred runs, the batter is allowed to hit the ball. Batters have to wait till the fielding team completes its run out. Batters have to strike the ball with the bat while hitting six balls.

Bowling, fielders move around

 Bowling is not done continuously. Instead, the bowler bowls in three consecutive overs. When the first over is completed, the fielder moves closer to the striker. As soon as the second over is completed, the bowler bowls again. Fielders also move around between these two overs.

Keep eye on the scoreboard

 You should look at the scorecard to see how much time remains in the innings. Your eyes should not wander away from the scoreboard. If you are looking at the scoreboard, you won’t be able to concentrate on the game.

Keep track of the weather conditions

 If you don’t have the exact information about the weather condition, then try to keep an eye on the wind direction. Wind helps the batsmen score big runs in the game. So, keeping an eye on the wind directions and other aspects of weather condition could help you to win the match.

Preparation / Pre-Game Strategy

In cricket match preparation we need to understand how our batsmen play before coming to know about their strengths and weaknesses. Once we know our opponents' weakness points, then we can plan our strategy accordingly. In order to achieve high scoring runs in cricket match, our team should have good batting line-up. If our team lacks any particular player, then that player's place should be filled up by giving him/her some special instructions.

Batting Line-Up

The best way to start a cricket match is to bat first. A team should always give importance to its top three batsman i.e., 1, 2 & 3. Even if our team does not get starts well, then at least we should try to score few runs by putting pressure on our opposition.

Bowling Line-Up

If our team gets starts well, then we can try to exploit our bowling line-up by trying to restrict them to less number of runs. Whenever our bowlers take strike, they should try to use spinners and pace bowlers. So, it is recommended to choose four pacers and two spinners in the bowling squad. While choosing the bowling side, we need to ensure that the bowler who takes strike should be chosen wisely. Our middle order batsman should be selected carefully so that he/she can get starts in the game.

Fielding Position

 One of the most important aspects of the cricket match is field placement. As per the rules, each team has 11 players on the ground and these 11 players should be placed in different positions to cover all bases. We should place our fielders in the right position according to the situation. We should make sure that all the fielders are in correct position to cover the boundary and both ends. If our batting team is struggling, then we should try to put extra fielder near the wicket.


Before starting the cricket match, team members should discuss all the things that might happen in the match and prepare themselves accordingly. We should try to communicate everything to our teammates. If something goes wrong, then we should inform our teammate accordingly. We can use mobile phone or walkie talkies to do this task.

Decision Making

We need to make decisions throughout the entire cricket match. We need to decide whether we want to go for singles or doubles, how long we want to keep the ball in hand, where we want to hit, what kind of shots we want to execute etc. These are some of the important decisions that we need to take while playing cricket match.

Pace of Play

Generally, fast bowlers should be used while facing weaker sides. But, if the situation demands, then slow bowlers can help us out. Slow bowlers should be used only if a batting line-up is weak. We should try to finish the innings quickly.

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