Which one is most important to win in Hockey Match? Hardship Or Luck?

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Hockey is a sport played between two teams where they have to pass the puck over the net to score points. A match consists of four 20 minute periods called rounds. In each round, the team with the most goals wins. Every player on the ice has their own job that they need to do to help them win. If both teams play well, then it's hard to say who has the advantage in a hockey match. But if one team has an advantage, then that team could easily win the game. There are many factors that affect how a game will go down, but luck is something that only affects the outcome of the game. While luck may seem like nothing at first, but after thinking about it, you may realize that luck does make a difference in some matches. Here are a few examples.

The NHL Ice Hockey season starts around September, when the regular season begins. Most players get paid for playing time. Teams are awarded draft picks based on their record during the regular season. After the playoffs, the top three teams from each conference receive playoff berths. The lowest seed in each conference faces the higher seeded team from the opposite conference in the first round. In the second round, the remaining highest seeds face off against each other. Finally, the Stanley Cup finals take place between the conference champions from each conference. In the NBA, teams compete for the championship title during the post-season. Like the NHL, lottery teams play lower seeded opponents in the first round of the playoffs while the higher seeded teams meet in the second round. Then, the playoffs continue until the Finals begin. In MLB, each team is represented by one team name and one logo. Each team has ten division winners, and the World Series takes place to determine the champion.

In the NFL, eight teams compete for the Super Bowl championship title. The best two teams in each division qualify for the playoffs. Each team plays a home and away series, and the winner advances to the next round. Eventually, the winning team is crowned the champion. There are leagues run by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) in different countries. Each country has their own league. The soccer seasons start in August, and the World Cup tournament takes place every 4 years during the summer.

So which one is most important to winning in hockey match? Hard work or luck? In my opinion, hard work is the most important factor for success in any match. You should always try your hardest to practice and improve your skills. As long as you keep working hard, you'll eventually get good at whatever it is you're doing. However, I think that luck is what makes a match unpredictable. Everyone who is involved in a match has equal chances of winning. So even though you worked hard to prepare for the match, someone else might have been lucky enough to practice less than you, or maybe they had some natural talent not present in you. That being said, luck is the most important thing in hockey. One team can have the right amount of skill and preparation while the other doesn't. This is why we say 'luck' makes a difference.

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What do you think? Which one is most important to a hockey match? Hard-work or luck?

Luck or hardship, there are no right answers. But what we do have is a choice. We can choose to play hard, work hard, or give up. And we can choose whether our efforts are rewarded or not. In hockey, luck is the difference between winning and losing. If you make good decisions, you'll get better results. If you don't, you won't.

You need to put in the effort if you want the result

You simply cannot expect to succeed without putting in the effort. There's just no way around it. A lot of people who think they're talented never try, and even fewer people who actually try succeed. But those who do consistently put in the effort eventually reap enormous rewards.

You need to be prepared for any situation

The outcome isn't going to happen overnight. It takes time. One bad call at the wrong moment can cost you everything. So be ready for anything. Be aware of things happening around you. Know where your teammates are supposed to be, know what kind of pass they might be looking for, and know how to react to it.

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Good players don't wait for opportunities to present themselves

Just because you haven't had a great opportunity yet doesn't mean your chance is gone forever. As soon as it happens, you need to seize it. You don't know when it will come back again, and waiting could cost you.

You need to keep working until the end

It only takes one mistake to lose everything. Don't take any chances. Play your hardest every minute of every game. When you finally reach the championship round, don't stop fighting! Keep playing until the final whistle blows. Remember, you've been preparing for this day since your first hockey experience. Now it's time to show everyone what you've got.

Luck comes when preparation meets opportunity

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes you still run out of luck. That's why it's important to always stay positive and hopeful. Even though the odds may seem stacked against you, it's possible to turn everything around. Maybe you didn't deserve that break you received, but maybe you did. Just like the underdog always wins, the underdogs will always find their way.

There are some other factors on which output of hockey match depends.


Hardship - Hard work is a combination of determination and persistence. You have to put forth great effort in order to achieve success in hockey match. If you think about hardwork then you would realize that it is a key factor in winning hockey matches.


On the contrary, luck is not something that you get easily. Sometimes we may not even know whether our hard-work was successful or not. In some cases, you might get lucky and win despite your best efforts.

Skill set

If you lack skill set, you will never excel in any sport. If you do not have certain skillset then you need to learn them at least before starting playing hockey matches. To improve your skills set, you should practice hard and keep trying until you succeed.

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Teammates are of utmost importance in achieving success in any game. Without teammates, you cannot play well and you cannot win the games. Your teammates help you to win matches. So try to create good friendships among your team mates.

Coach's Guidance

Coach's guidance is also very important to achieve success in any sport. A coach helps players to understand how they should act and what they should do in each situation. He makes sure that his team members behave appropriately and follow the rules.


 Practice plays a significant role in enhancing and improving skill set. Practice helps you to perfect every skill you possess. As you practice regularly, you will gain confidence.


 Sportsmanship is something that a player should always exhibit while playing sports. When you lose the games, you should show positive attitude towards the opponents.


Hardship vs Luck - A match between two teams is called a hockey match if... 1) Both teams have equal amount of players and 2)...both teams play with same number of players. In case of a match between two teams, it refers to the team who wins matches more easily gets the Hockey Match. One can say that 'hard work' is more critical than 'good luck'. But how hard work actually works? Can we really say that it always pays off? Let us find out!

I hope you have enjoyed this article!!!


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