Which one is most important to win in Football Match? Hardship Or Luck?

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What is football?

Football is a sport played between two teams of 11 players each. These teams consist of 11 men who run around an enclosed field using their feet to try and score points. In football, the team that scores more points than the opposing team wins.

How do I know if my child is interested in playing football?

If your child seems excited about playing football, then they probably want to play! If your child has never played before, start small by getting them involved in flag football. Flag football is easier for beginners since it doesn't require much equipment. You can use cones, pylons, and flags to divide the field. Most leagues start children out at age 5, 6 years old.

Why do people play football?

People play football for many reasons: to have fun, improve fitness and coordination, to get together with friends, and to compete against others. People often play just for enjoyment and social interaction.

Do football injuries happen?

Yes. Serious injury can occur in any sport, including American football. A player may incur a broken bone or sprain a ligament, muscle, or tendon. Commonly injured parts of the body include the head (brain), knee (joint), elbow (bone), hand, shoulder, ankle, foot, wrist, nose, face, ribs, hip, and leg.

Who invented football?

American football was developed in 1869 by Walter Camp, a Harvard University professor. He created the rules that still exist today. It wasn't until the early 1900's that football gained popularity across America. Today, the National Football League (NFL) consists of 32 teams and is the most popular professional sports league in the United States.

What does a typical football game look like?

A typical NFL game takes place over four quarters with 15 minute breaks between each quarter. Each team gets three downs to make a first down. On each subsequent down, a team can either attempt a pass, run, or kick a field goal. Before each play, the coaches give instructions to the players; however, these instructions aren't always followed. Since players are allowed to tackle each other, some foul language is heard after every big hit.

Are football games serious business?

No. Many fans consider football games to be entertaining yet not really serious. However, many athletes enter a competitive state of mind while training for the game. Players train hard to prepare physically and mentally for the challenge ahead. Some even practice for months leading up to a game. Teams train for weeks to develop strategies and execute plays. Every player hopes to contribute to victory, regardless of his position or role on the team. Sometimes, the outcome of a game is decided by luck, but many great achievements were achieved by perseverance and determination.

What is meant by Field Position?

Field position refers to where your team begins its play after scoring a point. When playing offense, field position determines how far your ball carrier will run before being tackled. A team's running game will not work if they do not have good field position to start their offensive drives. Also, field position helps determine whether or not you will score a touchdown. If your quarterback throws a pass on third down, and your opponent has good field position, he may make a long gain that could lead to a first down or even a touchdown.

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What is Quarterback?

The quarterback controls the offense and is responsible for calling the plays. He decides what type of run or pass will be called based on his knowledge of the defense, the location of the ball, how far away receivers are, and the amount of time left in the play clock. The quarterback also calls the snap count so that the rest of the team knows when to move forward. His job is to get the best possible outcome for the team.

Receivers / Running Backs

The receivers and running backs are the players who catch passes and carry the ball. These are the two types of players on offense that are closest to the action as they receive and run the ball. If the quarterback has a good pocket (area behind him) while throwing the ball, he will often let the receiver take advantage of open space and try to run past defenders. In doing so, he gives the player an opportunity to make a big play. On the other hand, the running back should be looking to pick up yards whenever possible. If the defense does not respect the running back, he will use trickery to break free and make a big play.

Defensive Players

Defensive players defend the opposing team's receivers and running backs. They are assigned specific roles depending on the number of defensive players that are on the field. If only four players are on the field, then both outside linebackers will rush towards the passer while the middle linebacker will drop into coverage. However, if six defenders are on the field, the safeties will play closer to the line of scrimmage, leaving less room for the outside linebackers. In addition to rushing towards the passer, the outside linebackers will sometimes blitz or stand up and rush at the quarterback.


Linebackers are either inside or outside linebackers. Their primary role is to stop the run and cover passing routes. Inside linebackers are primarily responsible for stopping runs to the inside or short middle area. Outside linebackers are responsible for covering passes to the outside or deep middle area. Both linebackers play around the tackles and look to disrupt the backfield. Lining up in the middle of the field, they are able to read the play and react accordingly.


Safeties are the last line of defense. They play close to the sidelines and help prevent big gains on long rushes. They are also responsible for covering passing routes. If the offense attempts to throw over the middle, the safety will cover the underneath route and prevent a completion. 

Which One is Important? Hard work OR Luck?

Hard work pays off. There's no doubt about it. A football team that works harder than its opponents will always win and take home the prize. When a player chooses to put in the extra effort, he's giving himself the best chance at winning. If he wants to be successful, he should try his hardest each week. A little bit of good fortune doesn't hurt either. While hard work is certainly important, it's not everything. Sometimes, a team comes out victorious despite being less prepared or working even harder than its opponent. In these instances, the difference between success and loss may simply be down to a lucky break or two.

Football players need to train hard everyday to improve their skills. Training helps them get stronger, faster, and smarter. But how much effort do they put into training? A soccer player may spend hours practicing his moves, running sprints, and doing drills. He even goes to the gym twice a week to lift weights and keep fit and strong. However he still might lose the match. Why? Because football requires stamina, speed, coordination, and a good mental focus. If you don't have any of these qualities, then you won't succeed. On the other hand, some players just have lucky breaks. Injuries happen. Players make mistakes. There's always something random about sport. When you're playing sports, you have no control in what happens. So maybe someone else gets injured before you. Maybe the ball bounces your way. You could be unlucky.

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Hard Work and Good Fortune

If a team puts in plenty of hard work while also having some luck on their side, they're likely to come away from any match with a win. This means that if a team trains harder than its opposition and also gets a few breaks in the game, it will come out stronger than its rival.

Bad Luck and Lack Of Preparation

On the flip side, bad luck and poor preparation can make things go horribly wrong. A lack of preparation can lead to a team missing crucial chances, getting injured at the worst possible time, or just plain mucking up. All of these mistakes will end in defeat for the team involved.

Hard Work, Luck and Success

The best players combine both. Like the quarterback who throws a perfect pass with great accuracy and timing. The striker who scores goals at critical moments. And the defender who tackles the attacker out of bounds. The combination makes them unstoppable.


Skill is another thing which has great influence over football matches. You can achieve victory only when your players know how to score goals. In order to ensure that your team takes maximum points, your players need to score goals. Goal scoring is possible only when you have skilled players. So you need to make sure that each player knows his skills thoroughly and gets enough practice time in order to improve.


Strategy is what makes the difference between being successful and getting defeated in football matches. A lot of things happen during a match and sometimes you don't know what could have happened at different times. But you need to analyse everything carefully before taking a strategy decision. Your team needs to plan beforehand about the kind of situation they might face during the game. You need to use tactics according to these situations as it gives you an upper hand over your opponents.

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Luck is the last component that contributes in making a football match winnable. You can perform your best in practice sessions and still lose the match if luck does not favor you. You can never predict luck, so you can never guarantee anything in football matches. Luck comes from many factors that we cannot control. Sometimes the ball lands on your foot rather than your opponent's. Other times the referee makes decisions in your favor. These are some of the reasons why you may win a match despite doing nothing outstanding. It is true that you cannot do without skill, hard work, and strategy but luck also plays its role in making your team victorious at times.

Good Health

 Good health is very important in sport. An athlete cannot perform if he/she lacks good health. A player who feels sick or is injured may not play well. A person's physical fitness affects his/her performance. In fact, training and dieting keep an individual fit.

Hard Working Teammate

A team always wins together. When everyone tries hard enough to do his best, the result is certain. However, a team never wins just because of its members' hard work. If you don't work hard and fight with your teammates, no matter how hard you try, you won't achieve anything.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. To become great at any sports, practice is necessary. Without practice, athletes would not reach their potential. It takes practice to improve an athlete's skills.

Have Enough Money

 Money can buy many things. But money alone does not help a player become successful. So, money is not everything. Even if an athlete gets rich, if he/she does not spend it wisely, it will lose value over time. You need to spend wisely to make your money last longer.


Discipline is one of the keys to success. Athletes who lack discipline cannot concentrate on their studies or their sports. Thus, they end up failing. Those who lack discipline can't focus on their studies or sports, so they tend to lose track of time and forget what they were doing. Hardship is something that we cannot control. In this case, football match is not just about skill but also depends on the luck. Most of time, player who has lot of hardship wins the game than the player without hard-work. But football matches are not always fair. According to many people believe that hard work always gives success...

Hardship and luck play a big role in sports. Both of them have their own importance in winning football match. In fact, they both don't work together rather than separately. A football game is played between two teams where a team tries hard to get the ball and score goals while opponent team try to stop the team from scoring goals. As we know, one team will always try harder than the other and will try to make things difficult for opponents. Therefore, they may face some kind of injuries and might not able to perform well. If you want to predict whether your team will win or lose, then you should look at both luck and hardship.

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Output of Football Match

The first thing that you need to consider is who will score first goal. Because if your team scores early, then the chance to score the next time would increase. But if you lose the first goal, then you may never score again. So, you must try your best to avoid losing the first goal. That's how you can find out whether your team will win today's football match or not.

Luck is another factor that affects your chances of winning today's football match. You can say that luck is determined by many factors. These factors include refereeing, weather conditions, pitch conditions, injury, etc. All these factors affect the result of any game. When you play as a player, you cannot control everything about the game. Only God controls the whole game. He gives luck to his favorite players. So, if you want to make sure that you win, you must pray to god before playing.

It is true that you may fail even if you use both luck and hardship. But if you use only luck, you will certainly lose the match. Therefore, you must combine luck and hardship. You just need to try your best to win the game.


Experience helps you play better than others. But experience alone won't bring success; you need hard work and luck to succeed. A young player should learn from experienced players and coaches.


Teamwork is helpful to everyone. Everyone's performance is increased when they work together. In football, teamwork is really important. Every individual member of the team needs to know what is happening on the field. All members of the team should listen carefully to instructions given by the coach.


Coaching is very necessary in football. Coaches know how to train a team and give them tips to improve their skills. They teach the players different techniques and strategies to use while playing. Without proper coaching, the players won't perform well.


Training enhances the skill set of players. Players can improve their skills by practicing various drills and exercises daily. Training provides physical fitness to players. Regular training makes them stronger and faster.


Motivation is also very necessary to win in football. A player should keep motivated and focused on performing well. He/She shouldn't think about the bad things that might happen to him/her.

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