Who is Goalkeeper in Football Match? What Tasks Would be Assigned to Him to Get Maximum Output?

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 1. Goal keeper 

 Goal keepers are the people who guard the goal line. They try to stop the ball from going out of the goal area. The team where they play will score if they get past the goal line. Their job is not just about keeping the ball inside the net. If they fail in their duty, they would have no point to make. A football league consists of many teams and each team has many players, however, only one person plays the role of goalkeeper. He controls the whole game. The player is responsible for stopping the ball whenever it comes close to his position. In addition to this, he should also make sure that any mistake committed by the opponent is punished. He also makes sure that the opponents don't take advantage of the mistakes committed by the defenders. The players around him help him in controlling the game.

 2. Coaches 

 Coaches generally guide the players during the match. They give suggestions to the players based on what the situation demands. The coach evaluates the performance of the players and suggests them strategies and tactics according to the opponents.

 3. Referees 

 Referees are the ones who evaluate the game and decide whether the goals were scored or not. After deciding the result of the game, they declare the winner. If the referee fails to do so, then his decision is considered final. He may ask for clarifications regarding certain aspects of the game.

 4. Players 

 Players perform various actions in the match. They defend the goal when the opposition tries to break the defense. A player can shoot from distances ranging from zero meters to thirty-five hundred meters. He may also attempt to pass to the teammate in front of him or may even go forward and attack the opponent's goal. All these actions have different scores attached to them. These scores are added up together after the match to decide the winner.

5. Midfielder

 Midfielder is the player whose position is between the defense and attack. In football match, this player does not have much time to play the ball. Therefore, his/her main task is to collect the ball from the defender and pass it to the striker.

 6. Striker

 Striker is the last player who gets the ball to score a goal. His/Her role is to shoot the ball. When the striker shoots, the goalkeeper tries to stop him/her from shooting the ball. If the goalkeeper fails in stopping the striker, then the striker scores the goal.

 7. Defense

 The defense is the first line of defense. Their responsibility is to prevent the opponents from scoring. There is no fixed position for them. They move around the field depending upon what situation occurs.

 In conclusion, I think there are three types of goalkeepers:

  1. The first type are those goalkeepers who work hard and protect the goal with great efforts. And if they fail, they lose the game without having much points.
  2. Then we have those who play well and manage to score lots of points for their team.
  3. Finally, we have those goalkeepers who are lazy and cannot control the game. Thus, they let their teammates win the game and collect lots of points.

What Tasks would be assigned to him to get maximum output?

 In order to get maximum output from a goal keeper, we need to assign tasks based on how long he has been playing football match. If he has played for many years then the task list he would be given would change accordingly. Below are the few examples of his task assignment depending on the time spent playing football game.

  • If He Played less than 10 Years :
  • Covering the area around the goal line (defensive line)
  • Stopping any attack near the penalty box
  • Preventing any attacks towards the penalty spot
  • Picking the ball up if it is kicked out of play
  • Keeping the ball out of the net (goalkeepers' job)
  • If He Played Between 11 & 20 Years :
  • Playing close attention to any attack near the corner flag
  • Making sure that there are no loose balls near the penalty spot.

We have assigned Goal Keeper role to you who would take care of maximum output by assigning task to him/her. You would assign tasks to Goal Keeper on daily basis. Let us know how much output we could achieve if Goal Keeper was assigned to you.

Objective: To know who is goal keeper in football match. 

ANSWER: To get maximum output. 

 What should be his daily work?
 Who is goal keeper in football game? Who should be assigned the task of making sure he gets maximum output?

 The answer is goalkeeper. Goalkeeper is the name given to the person who defends the goal area. He is responsible for stopping any goals scored by the opposing team or teams. So the goalkeeper's job is to stop those goals. If the teams have equal numbers of players, it would mean that both teams have same number of players. In this case, you will need to decide how many players should be allowed to play each side. You may even allow only 1 player. But then the question arises whether the opponent would play against just 1 player or not!

 In most cases, if both teams are having similar numbers of players, you would assign different positions to them according to their strengths.

 If the teams were unevenly matched, you might allow different positions to fit the players' abilities.

 Now let us check out what exactly does the goalkeeper do once he takes over from his captain.

 The goalkeeper is responsible for stopping the goals scored by the opposing players. Once the ball goes into the goal, the goalkeeper takes over.

 He should try to prevent the opposition from scoring. He makes decisions regarding where to put himself so that he can defend the penalty box.

 In some games, there is no designated goalkeeper. In this case, the coach assigns the role based on his experience. For example, if the manager sees that his goalkeeper is struggling to deal with the situation, then he would take away his responsibilities and make him a defender.

 There would be a referee present during the whole match. The referee keeps track of the number of goals scored by each team. At the end of the match, the score is announced by the referee. Depending upon the score, the winner of the match is determined.

 When a match ends in a draw, the two teams meet again after the next match to settle the issue. The winner is decided by a coin toss. If the coin shows heads, the team whose goal was last scored wins, whereas if tails, the team whose goal came first wins. However, if neither team scores, the match ends in a tie, and the game would start anew until one of the sides scores enough goals to win.

Who is Goal Keeper in football match?

 Goal keeper in football match is responsible to keep the goal clear from shots. He has to tackle the ball if somebody shoots at his goal.

 What tasks would be assigned to him?

 He would get a task list before starting for the game. His work would be to stop the ball and if possible save the ball from hitting the post. If he could not do that then he should throw the ball away. He would have to make sure that no player touches the ball before going out for the corners kick etc. He should keep watch of the players around the box and try to block the passes to the strikers or defenders. He should concentrate on stopping the ball from crossing the line without anyone touching it. He should also take care of the goals and put them back in their place after the game.

 What would be his reward?

 The team who won would give him a prize.

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