FPL points predictions for Gameweek 4: Salah out in front


The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Points Predictions for Week 4 have been completed ahead of Saturday’s deadline.

Mohamed Salah (£13.0m) comfortably ahead of the chase group in Gameweek 4, as newly promoted Bournemouth prepares to visit Anfield.

Fantasy Football Scout Premium members can see the players topping the point projections for both the next playing week and the next six in the images below but you can get the full picture over here.

You can even get a breakdown of the points, from forwards returning to the clean sheets, over here.

our Rate my team Meanwhile, the tool can give you a rough estimate of your FPL Your own team will score Over a series of Gameweeks. We have more details on this below.

Game 4: FPL Score Predictions

What is my team rate?

Rate my team (RMT) is a tool designed to give you a rough estimate of how many FPL points your team will score over a series of playing weeks. This takes into account the Commander, Vice Captains, and Auto Replacement Points.

What are the expectations?

Projections come in two forms – seasonal projections and sixth week projections (SGP).

Season Predictions shows the algorithm-generated predictions for each player in the FPL. This includes goals, assists, clean sheets, minutes played, bonus points, yellow cards and most importantly, FPL points.

SGP displays an algorithm-generated prediction of each player’s FPL score in each of the next six weeks of play, with their score calculated per million values ​​during this period. These numbers are the same numbers used in RMT.

How are my team rate values ​​and projections calculated?

The values ​​are generated by an algorithm that uses current and historical data. There is also continuous human monitoring so the model can respond quickly to news, casualties, or tactical changes that the algorithm might underestimate.

We do this to generate the best values ​​with the least possible bias.

How do I upload my team to RMT?

To load your team into RMT, you need to type in your FPL ID.

If you can’t find your FPL ID, instructions on how to find it are on the My Team Assessment page.

What do XM and ADJP mean?

Placing the cursor over the player’s predicted FPL score in the week of play will show the xM score and assist score.

xM stands for expected minutes – the number of minutes the algorithm expects a player to have. Note that this is not a specific forecast for gaming week but rather an average number of minutes. So, while a player is expected to play 90 minutes, xM will be lower since there is a possibility of a match being missed or substituted.

Helper is expected points – how many points the algorithm expects a player to score in a week if they play 90 minutes.

These two values ​​combine to generate the final result.

Why does RMT say to start one player with a lower expected score than the second player?

This usually happens because the algorithm predicts that the player (usually the goalkeeper) will play the whole game or not appear at all.

Player A – high add, xM very low – low RMT score

Player B – average assistant, xM very high – average RMT score

While Player A is not likely to play, the most common scenarios are that he will be given 90 minutes or nothing at all. Therefore, RMT believes that it is worth starting with him to take advantage of the high additional advantage if he plays, otherwise the safer option for player B will be played automatically.

Therefore, he suggests choosing player A over B, even though the former appears to score lower on RMT.

When do updates happen?

Although there is no fixed schedule for the update, it is largely continuous.

Monday tends to get a big update after the events of the weekend. Thursday and Friday they will have updates in the evening after any news emerge from pre-match press conferences.

Can I see a full list of all players in RMT?

You can find the full list over here. It can also be found by clicking on the “Players” option in the sub-menu under “Rating My Team” in the main premium members area menu.

Can I rank by grades in one match?

From the list of all players in the RMT or the projections, simply click on the Gameweek header to sort the players by the predicted score for the game week.

How can I change the games I watch RMT more?

At the top of the My Team Rating page, while your team is loading, you can select “First Play Week” and “Last Week”. By default, the first play week will be the next play week and the last play week will be within six weeks, but they can be changed manually to suit your search.


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