Introduction to Basketball

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Introduction to Basketball 

Basketball is a game played by two teams of five players each, on a court divided into three zones called half-courts. Each team tries to score points (called shots) by throwing a ball through the hoop at the opposite end of the opposing half-court. A shot may be scored directly  if it goes through the rim of the basket, or indirectly if it bounces off any object (such as backboard) before going through the rim. If the ball hits the scoring area between the goal line and the free throw line before going through the goal line, it is called a field goal. Scoring is done by shooting a ball through the goal. There are different ways to shoot, depending on how the player's hands hold the basketball. The first way is called the jump shot, where the player shoots while jumping towards the basket with both feet touching the floor. Another type of shot is called the layup, where the player throws the ball towards the basket by bouncing it off his/her right foot while standing still, with only their left hand touching the ball. A third type of shot is known as a dunk; it is similar to the layup, except that the player jumps straight up without bouncing the ball. In addition to these types of shots, players often use hook shots, fadeaway shots, turnaround shots, and bank shots. 

Tasks of Players

Some players specialize in certain types of shots. For example, some players are known for their ability to make jumpers, others for their ability to sink threes, etc. A point guard position exists for players who excel at passing the ball and running the offense. Many pro leagues have point guards who play on the same team. These point guards normally start games and handle the responsibility of calling out defensive assignments, setting offensive plays, and directing teammates. Players who can shoot well from outside the three-point line are sometimes referred to as shooters. An individual who cannot shoot well is typically not considered a shooter. Two players who stand close together and pass or shoot is called a pick-and-roll. A player who dribbles the ball between them is called a screener. 

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Who is  Roll Man?

A player who screens for a teammate who then passes is called a roll man. A small forward is a player whose primary role is to attack the basket and attempt to score baskets. A center is a player who defends the basket. They do this by guarding opponents' players who are trying to get a rebound or steal the ball. A power forward, or big forward, is usually a taller player than a center. A defender is a player who prevents an opponent from scoring a basket. At least four defenders are necessary to stop a player from scoring. A coach is responsible for the strategy and tactics employed by the team. Coach's responsibilities vary by sport. Coaches generally assign specific positions to players according to skill sets, although they can change strategies based on what works best for the team. In basketball, this includes things like assigning roles to each player, telling the team what plays to run, telling the defense what plays to call, and instructing substitutions. Teams have a general outline of plays they want to run, and coaches tell the team what plays are coming, and how many minutes players should spend on the court.

Basketball is a sport played by two teams who try to score points by throwing balls through hoops, called goals. A game consists of four quarters with each team trying to score 10 points per quarter; the first team to reach 100 points wins the game.

Object of Basketball

The object of basketball is to throw the ball through the hoop (called scoring) while stopping the opposing team's attempts at doing likewise (called defense). The game starts when a player shoots the ball towards the basket using both hands. If the player makes the shot, he scores 1 point; if not, he does not score anything. To stop the opposition from shooting, players run toward the basket and try to block the ball or steal it before it hits the rim. Players can dribble the ball, use their elbows, knees, and feet to move around the court, and pass it to teammates.

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Number of Players

Basketball is a team sport played mainly by two teams of 5 players each. There are five positions on court, three men and two women, and each position plays a specific role on the game. The ball is smaller than tennis balls, and rebounds much higher off the rim. Two people play at once, and they try to score points by shooting baskets with their hands, dribbling the basketball, passing it, and rebounding for others' shots. Both teams have a coach who decides what plays should be run throughout the entire game and keeps track of the scores. The game is fast paced, and the action continues until somebody hits the buzzer and the player who gets closest to the basket wins the round.

For those who have played basketball, they know what the game is about. When looking at the sport of basketball, there are many things to learn about the rules, the equipment, and how to play the game. In order to get started playing basketball, here is some information that players should know about the game.

Some Important Points to be Noted

First, before getting started, everyone needs a ball. A ball is any object that bounces. There are different types of balls: leather, rubber, plastic, etc. Players use these balls to throw them towards the basket. If the ball makes contact with the rim, then it goes out of bounds and is called a shot out. If a player throws the ball while dribbling, they become known as a dribbler.

Second, there are two teams (one red team and one blue team). Each team wears uniforms and uses a different set of colors. One team is designated to shoot; the other team shoots first. The team that shoots first wins the game. After shooting, each player gets one chance to score a point. To do this, they must throw the ball towards the hoop. If a player misses, he or she does not receive points. However, if the player successfully lands the ball in the hoop, he or she receives 2 points. If the player scores 2 points, then the opposing team gets 1 point. This continues until both teams reach 5 points. Then, the team with the most remaining points wins.

Third, there are three parts to the court: Half-court, Three-quarter court, and Full Court. The half court extends from the bottom of the backboard to the center line. The three quarter court extends from the sideline to the free throw line. The full court extends from the top of the backboard to where the 3/4 court starts.

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Fourth, the basket is located between the foul line and the sideline. If a player hits the ball over the baseline or behind the backboard, then their team automatically loses possession of the ball.

Fifth, there are five positions on the court: Center, Forward, Guard, Point guard, and Shooting guard. Centers are typically big men that can rebound and block shots. Guards make the passes to forwards and wings. Wings are smaller and faster than guards. Forwards can jump higher and put the ball on the floor. Shooting guards are similar to forwards; however, they can shoot the ball.

Sixth, there are four categories of fouls: personal, technical, flagrant, and charge. Personal fouls are the most common fouls. Examples of these fouls are hitting someone, grabbing someone’s jersey, and elbowing someone. Technical fouls are also called traveling violations. These violations occur when the offensive player travels without the ball after passing. Flagrants are the most serious type and are illegal in basketball. An example would be throwing elbows. Charge violations occur when the player commits two or more flagrant fouls. Most often, penalties or suspensions occur for flagrant fouls.

Finally, basketball is a game of inches. Players need to move around and find open spots on the court to score. If a player steps outside of the lane, then they can take advantage of their teammate’s space. Therefore, basketball is a game about teamwork. Every player needs to work together to win games.

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