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Basketball is a sport played by two teams (also called sides) using a ball. One team tries to score points by throwing or shooting the ball toward a basket at the opposing team's goal. Points are scored by shooting the ball through the basket, making a free throw after scoring, or rebounding the ball off the backboard and putting it in the basket if it goes through the hoop.

Origin of Basketball

The game originated in 1891, around Springfield, Massachusetts, where William G. Morgan organized a group of friends playing pick-up games in his backyard. On December 6th, 1892, James Naismith invented the first version of what would become known as basketball, while he was working in YMCA training facilities in Springfield, Massachusetts. He created a wooden floor divided into three portions, each with a metal rim to create goals, along with peach baskets attached to the front of them. He played five players on each side instead of six, and added rules to prevent injuries. In 1895, Naismith moved to Canada, where he became the physical education director at the University of Toronto. He continued to develop the sport, adding a fifth player to each side; dribbling; and having the ball travel towards the middle of the court before being shot. His work led to the International Basketball Association, founded in 1898, and eventually to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), whose governing body is now known as USA Basketball.

In 1907, Naismith published Rules of Basketball, which outlined the official rules of the game.

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Modern Era of Basketball

Today, basketball is popular worldwide, and professional leagues exist in many countries, including the United States, China, Spain, France, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Mexico, the Philippines, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Finland, Brazil, Greece, Indonesia, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Ireland, Israel, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Cambodia, and the West Indies. There are currently over 70 national men's teams and 50 women's teams competing in international competitions.

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Brief Introduction to Basketball

Basketball is a sport played between two teams of five players each, who try to score points by shooting a ball through a hoop at the opposing team's basket. While basketball games have been around since the early 1800’s, they weren’t considered a real sport until 1892 when James Naismith invented the game of basketball. Most people know today what a basketball court looks like, but not many know how the first ones were set up. In the beginning, basketball courts had baskets mounted high above ground level where players would toss the ball towards it. After practice, they would jump over the backboard to retrieve the ball before returning to their team mates to pass it along.

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Invention of Basketball

The invention of basketball was revolutionary; it allowed people to play a whole new type of game without having to worry about getting injured. It also led to the creation of rules and regulations for the sport, which helped make it popular among students and professionals. Today, basketball courts are often equipped with overhead nets to prevent injuries. Basketball is a great sport for kids, teens, adults, men and women of any age, and everyone loves watching a good game! 

What does Basketball mean?

Basketball means many different things depending on the culture and language that surrounds it. If we look at the definition provided by Merriam-Webster, we can find out what basketball really means.

"A game played between two opposing teams, each attempting to score goals by throwing a ball through the opponent's goal by using only their hands."

How did Basketball start?

Basketball was invented in 1891. However, the first documented instance of this sport dates back to 1660 BC. There are various versions about how the game evolved. According to one version, James Naismith, a Canadian physical education teacher, created the game while teaching his students in Springfield, Massachusetts. He saw how they enjoyed running around the gym for fun and decided to add the same concept to the curriculum. He set the rules of the game after experimenting with several variations. His rules were later adopted by the Amateur Athletic Union in 1898.

Who was the first Basketball Player?

The first NBA player was George Mikan. He won three consecutive MVP awards in 1956, 1957 and 1958.  In 2012, Chris Paul received the first ever Most Valuable Player award after he helped the Los Angeles Clippers win their fifth championship.

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Which Countries have had the Best Basketball Players?

Michael Jordan holds the record for winning the most total championships, having four. Jordan also holds the record for career scoring average. He averaged 31.9 points per game over 22 seasons. LeBron James has three rings. He is currently tied with Michael Jordan as the second best player in history. Kobe Bryant has five rings. And Kevin Durant has four.

What is the First Game of Basketball?

It was held on December 23, 1892 between Princeton University and Rutgers College in New York City. The game ended with a victory for the Princeton Tigers. Basketball is a basketball game played by two teams of 5 players each. Each team has a designated player who dribbles the ball while the other 4 players try to stop him or her from scoring a goal.

What position do people play in basketball?

There are five positions in basketball: guard, forward, center, point guard, and small forward/shooting guard. If someone is good at shooting, they would probably play the shooting guard role. Guards make passes to forwards who shoot the ball, and sometimes pass to guards or centers. Centers are big guys who usually score the majority of points in basketball games, but also rebound and block shots. Point guards take care of the ball and control the offense or possession of the game. A person could play any of these roles in both men's and women's basketball.

How do we keep track of where the ball is?

In basketball, we count points scored. Points give us information about the state of the game. We can tell whether things are going well or poorly by counting how many points were scored. Every time a team scores, we say, "That's two points." When a team gets fouled, we say, "The foul was called," and then write down the number of free throws taken by each side. Sometimes, we call fouls where a shot hits the rim or goes through the net. Then, we put the numbers together to get a final score. If a player is taking a lot of shots, he could be considered a shooter. If a player takes many jumpers, he may be known as a ball handler.

Shouldn't everyone know how to shoot a basket?

Yes! Everyone should know how to shoot a basketball. Shooting a basketball involves making a smooth motion with your hand and wrist in order for the ball to travel smoothly through the air towards the basket. Proper technique includes keeping your elbow tucked in and bringing your index finger over the top of the ball. Also, using the correct amount of force when attempting to throw the ball into the basket will help the ball go through the hoop. To improve your skills, practice dribbling the basketball and shooting it. You can even spend some time working on your ball handling skills and shooting the ball to work on your coordination and balance.

Brief History of Basketball

  1. The first game was played at Springfield College (Massachusetts) in 1891. The rules were established after a series of games played in the 1890's between students at Yale University and Harvard University. The first official National Championship Game took place in 1898 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Prior to this time, the term "championship" referred only to college football teams. There were no professional leagues. In 1903, the American Basketball Association was founded.
  2. The modern ball we know today originated in Italy around 1530. It was called "palla da pallone". A much smaller ball had been popular in Europe since 17th century and was known as "basket ball". Around 1910, the first patent for a ball attached to strings was issued to Mr. James Naismith. His invention would eventually lead to the creation of the "modern" basket ball.
  3. One year before his death, Dr Naismith donated $25,000 to help fund the construction of a gymnasium at Springfield College where he felt basketball could flourish. Because of the donation, the gym was named "The Naismith Memorial Gymnasium." After his death, the school renamed the building "Liacouras Center" in honor of its benefactor.
  4. By 1900, there were over 30 different colleges playing basketball. Most players wore shirts, ties, sweaters and coats. All players wore size 6 shoes. By 1909, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) was formed. By 1920, the number of schools playing basketball jumped to 60. In 1952, the AAU changed its name to the United States Amateur Sports Federation (USASF). In 1955, the USASF split into two branches. One branch became the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The second branch became the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC).

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