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The Cowboys in Dallas Rising wide reception Galen Tolbert It does not start but remains locked in the role of receiving the slot.

The New England Patriots Injuries were dealt with in both WR Jacoby Myers and HB T Montgomery.

The Thursday a summary Have you covered all the fantasy football junk food that you may have missed.

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buffalo bills @ Carolina mushroom

Avoid the appearance of reserve leopards: The return of backup panthers might seem tempting, given that Christian McCaffreyInjury history, but Carolina used both Donna Foreman And the Chuba Hubbard Significantly with beginners in the pre-season. They can split shots close to 50/50 if McCaffrey gets hurt again.

Every linebacker for Carolina started off preseason, as Hubbard started against Buffalo.

Both backs rotated with a push rather than a stance. Both have been used primarily in the running game in years past, but have been given chances this season.

Hubbard played five more shots during his first two pre-season games, but Foreman fared better.

Tiger WR She Smith He can take fourth place in the team in goals: Smith has always been the widely used Panthers slot receiver throughout pre-season. It looks like the 2021 sixth-round pick will maintain that role despite some bigger backups on Carolina’s roster. It should only be drafted in deep leagues where you can start multiple wide receivers.

Robbie Anderson She played in pre-season matches but missed tonight due to a thigh/quadruple injury.

DJ More He started the game but only played twice to give the backups more chances.

Terrace Marshall Jr He appeared for the first time before the start of the season and started the game again Richard Higgins. This indicates that the Marshall is higher in the depth chart.

Higgins took charge of Moore in the game’s second play.

Smith has been the opener receiver with any set of Panthers receivers the team has used throughout pre-season, making him the most likely to join Anderson and Moore in the starting lineup.

Do not forget Jamison Crowder: The Bills rested several key players, including Crowder, which is an indication of how much they appreciate him. Although he won’t be in the starting lineup for the first week, he can still be a contributor to offense.

Invoices used Isaiah Mackenzie They came out wide at times in their last pre-season game. This means that Crowder can play not only in place of McKenzie but in place of external receivers as well. Mackenzie can go outside, with Crowder in the slot.

This wouldn’t be enough for Crowder to gain fantasy value on a weekly basis, but if there was an injury to a starter, he could start in the fantasy leagues.

Understand the risks before taking them James Cook: Cook has always been third on the Bills depth chart this pre-season, which makes him unlikely to be a fictional contributor early in the season.

Both Devin Singletary And the Zach Moss They were among the veterans who didn’t play, allowing Cook to start facing the Panthers.

It is clear that Singletary will see the majority of shots in Week 1, but it is unclear how many will be replaced by the two fullbacks.

The bills were rotated by drive rather than stand in pre-season, so it is also uncertain whether backups will replace stand or drive.

Seattle Seahawks @ Cowboys in Dallas

Galen Tolbert It didn’t start for cowboys, but that’s okay: Tolbert did not start the game, but was locked in as the future Cowboys game throughout pre-season. The team’s other receivers—whether healthy or injured—play mainly outside, so Tolbert’s role in the hole should be safe no matter who’s healthy.

sir lamb And the Noah Brown They’ve sat in every pre-season as the wide outdoor start to the receivers.

Simi Vihoku And the Dennis Houston Tonight’s match began – with a play in which six offensive elements were used.

Tolbert did not play as much in the null run positions but was often in two sets of receivers in more pass/neutral running situations.

Michael Gallup He was injured overseas but was a historical overseas recipient.

James Washington He’s his biggest competitor for picks, but he’s also out and unlikely to win the job from Tolbert.

Tolbert did most of the tracks out of the hole in the first half of every prep match.

no draft Noah you are: The Seahawks continued to use a three-man rotation with a court finish. none of They ran over 50% of the team’s tracks During the first five drives.

will cheat He started the game and took the majority of the shots on the Seahawks’ first drive.

The three narrow ends were used interchangeably during the five drives.

Draft Dariki Young In deep leagues and dynasties: The rookie in the seventh round started the match with Tyler Lockett And the Dwayne Eskridge The juniors led in the picks. He may be the Seahawks’ third wide receiver this season.

Young usually played outside, taking all 12 shots on Eskridge with Benny Hart an interview. He also played most of the shots in 11 individuals.

Freddy Swain The slot receiver was in Seattle last season but didn’t spin until the second Seattle engine, which makes Eskridge likely to be a slot favorite.

Seahawks can use Lockett wide or in the slot, and how much they use him in each spot can determine whether Young or Eskridge sees more playing time.

Los Angeles Chargers @ New Orleans Saints

Avoid the appearance of backup copies of chargers: Larry Rowntree III Tonight started, unlike the previous two games Joshua Kelly I started. Both players will get some shots if Austin Eckler She was hurt.

The two players rotated in and out significantly with the key players throughout the pre-season.

It’s unclear if Rountree is now number two on the depth chart or if it’s only his turn to receive the start.

Rookie in the fourth round Isaiah Spiller She was third on the field during the first two pre-season games. Tonight missed an ankle injury not expected to be serious. It remains a conspicuous fourth on the depth chart and is unlikely to offer any fancy value early in the season.

The charger supports the last rank in my country Rearrange the handcuffs.

Ignore the charger receivers tonight: Chargers consistently allowed the best few starters to sit out pre-season. Some players also missed tonight due to injury, leaving very little information to take advantage of this match.

Joshua Palmer He missed this match after breaking out of concussion protocol on Wednesday. There have been reports that he is clearly advanced Galen Gayton on the depth chart, but there was no evidence in pre-season use to support or refute this. Guyon played every shot in the first two drives and then played in the third drive only when the drive went on and the backups needed to be broken.

you see makitti He made his pre-season debut after missing the last two games due to a soft tissue injury. He started the match but he might be late Gerald Everett And the Donald Parham on the depth chart.

Slow down the noise a bit Chris Olaf: Jarvis Landry And the Marquis Callaway He started the match with New Orleans, with Olaf not playing until the attack’s fourth strike. The broadly bullish may still be in third place on the depth chart, but Callaway is still a factor.

Later in command, Olave joined Callaway in two sets of receiver with Landry on the seat.

Callaway continued playing on the second drive, while Landry and Olave stopped playing with many of the other starters.

Olave is expected to see plenty of play time in the regular season, but it might not be as much as the fantasy directors would like if Callaway rotates as well.

It will be fine if Michael Thomas He ends up missing an extended time.

Ignore the significance of the narrow snap for saints: Joan Johnson The Saints seemed to be clear in their tribulation, but that was only because Tsum Hill And the Adam Trautman He missed the match for undisclosed reasons.


Draft Ramondry Stevenson: with Damian Harris Resting, Stevenson started the game. Like last week, the Patriots continued to rotate by car rather than stand, giving Stevenson more experience in passing situations.

Harris left Wednesday training early, which is probably why he didn’t play. However, he dressed up for the match, which is a good sign that his injury is not serious.

T Montgomery Took the second drive but left the early drive on the wagon. Ideally, the injury isn’t serious, but if it was, that would increase Stevenson’s odds of playing in passing situations even more.

JJ Taylor He took the third drive and stayed ahead of both rookie racers on the depth chart.

control Jacoby Myers infection: Myers started the game and played each of the Patriots’ first nine offensive picks before leaving the blue medical tent. He was spotted riding an exercise bike afterwards. There is a possibility that he may be unwell and has been ruled out as a precaution.

Devante Parker Join Myers in the starting line-up with Nelson Agulur He took every shot at three sets of receivers when Myers was still playing.

Kendrick Burne He didn’t play his first offensive tackle until Myers left the game. All three healthy receivers saw some time in two groups of receivers.

non-veteran Tekwan Thornton He did not play, as he was expected to miss eight weeks due to a collarbone injury.

Parker will be the Patriots’ wide receiver for drafting if Myers’ injury is severe.

Beware of the buyer Hunter Henry: Henry finished TE8 last season by dominating the Patriots’ tight end room on the roads. In all, it ran 403 compared to Juno Smith158. However, they split the paths 50/50 against the raiders

There was a slight tendency for Henry to play in the late drop-outs and Smith to play in the early drop.

Henry hadn’t played in a pre-season game before tonight.

Ignore the sudden number of raiders: The Conquistadors usually rest their star players this pre-season. Tonight they rested more players than usual.

Zamir White He won 3rd place in a row Kenyan Drakewho released him. It was nice to see White used to the third and long car, but Las Vegas wasn’t in that position on their first two drives.

Table Notes

The shots include replays that have been restored due to penalties, including offensive passing or defensive interference. These plays have been removed from the other three stats.

Goals may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would be from a clear pass, where the NFL might give the goal to the nearest receiver, whereas this data would not.

Pregnancy only on designed plays. A scramble in the middle will not count against the total number of loads in the game.


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