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New York Jets Rookie RB Press Hall She didn’t start but had a great time playing with the first team.

Rookie aircraft WR Garrett Wilson Also saw some beginner play time, but it was more limited.

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New York Giants @ New York Jets

moving Michael Carter Below the draft board: Carter started the Jets and had more playing time than a novice Press HallHowever, the gap between them is narrow compared to the first pre-season match.

    • Carter played seven shots with a start in their first game versus two from Hole.
    • The two saw playtime in the first two drives, then Hall received the third drive and Carter the fourth.
    • Neither of them turned on once the backups appeared.
    • There was a tendency for Carter to play on fast picks and Hall to play on quick picks, but Hall played on more third defeats while Carter played on more early defeats.
    • Hall can be expected to see a higher percentage of shots over time, and the fact that Hall played more in the third defeats means he can do both early and late action.

moving Garrett Wilson Below the draft board: Wilson remains a backup copy of the aircraft. He saw some time playing with the starters but kept playing more when the backups came along.

    • Airplanes don’t use their wide receivers interchangeably like some teams do. Instead, each backup wide receiver is a backup for a specific launcher.
    • Specifically, it was Wilson Corey Davis“Back up in this game, he just comes on the field with the starters when Davis came out.
    • It’s the same thing that happened in the first preseason game – Wilson’s only surprise came with the key players when Davis missed a play.
    • similarly, Jeff Smith Backup was to Elijah Mor.
    • Davis took nine shots in 11 individuals compared to Wilson’s two. Similarly, Davis took eight shots from 12 individuals as opposed to two by Wilson.
    • Braxton Pirios He remains locked in the slot role, playing 100% of the shots with the start in 11 individuals and 0% in 12 individuals. This is basically how Jamison Crowder It was used last year.
    • Wilson will likely take longer than Davis as the season progresses, but he may never get the amount of playing time you’d like to see from a fictional start in 2022.

I recommend Tyler Conklin deep sleeper: Conklin only left the field once with a Jets rookie and was the most targeted player among the rookies.

    • The Jets’ attack will need to improve significantly this season for Conklin to be a fanciful start, as he will need several touchdown opportunities.
    • Seems to see the amount of playtime required to be a fancy start, at least.
    • CJ Ozuma He ran a lot of ways from two tight groups, but didn’t see enough playing time to be worth drafting into the majority of tournaments.

Giants showed us more of the same: The Giants played a number of starters in all three pre-season games while resting players who were either too important or injured. They used their players basically the same way in all three matches.

    • Matt Breda The obvious backup remains for the giants. He played the first six offensive shots and called it the day.
    • Wandell Robinson Receiver remained the starting slot. sterling shepherd Recently activated, the two would compete for holeshots, but Shepherd didn’t play against the Jets.
    • Darius Slayton He didn’t play in the first two drives, but did so later in the game. It could be among the cuts in the list of giants.
    • Daniel Bellinger The narrow end remains the undisputed start. He’s played longer than other novices, which can be a bit disconcerting, but he’s also a novice mid-round player which makes the extended playing time more understandable.

Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers

control Deontay Johnson Shoulder injury Johnson left in the first quarter after landing embarrassingly on his shoulder and was disqualified from the match soon after. The severity of the injury is unclear at this point, but it’s no surprise that a player who has sustained an injury does not return to the match, no matter how severe it is.

    • Claypool chase He also missed this match due to a shoulder injury. Gunner Olszewski Claypool replaced in the starting lineup.
    • Olszewski played before George Pickens In the first two out of 12 games, Pickens played ahead of Olchowski for more shots later in the game, including when Claypool was out. It probably doesn’t mean much, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Draft Nagy Harris: There has been talk this season of reducing Harris’ workload this season. It was used similarly to last season in the first half, watching the vast majority of the shots. He should still see the workload that few runners will match.

    • Jaylyn Warren He was the only player to come back to see playing time in the first half, indicating that he is the new favorite to be the substitute. The second half also started with backups.
    • The Steelers would likely use several runs in case of injury, with the back looking the best receiving the time to play more. All backups in fancy drafts should be avoided.

Watch for the running back that the lions keep: Craig Reynolds alternating with germar jefferson In his first two pre-season games, Reynolds played both times. Jefferson started the day, with Reynolds not playing until the third quarter.

    • previous charger Justin Jackson He also played in the first half, occasionally coming in for Jefferson.
    • Reynolds played early in this game as kickback. He never played a kick Returner in the regular season, but he did in the 2019 and 2021 seasons. It’s possible that the Lions wanted him to focus on getting back into this game rather than rushing in.
    • This could be a sign that Reynolds lost his job as the third quarterback or a sign that they were more concerned about Jefferson and Jackson fighting for one place.
    • None of the three should be formulated, but if there is a clear third, the addition of a wire should be a waiver if Dandrey Swift or Jamal Williams Get hurt any time this season.

Table Notes
  • The shots include replays that have been restored due to penalties, including offensive passing or defensive interference. These plays have been removed from the other three stats.
  • Goals may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would be from a clear pass, where the NFL might give the goal to the nearest receiver, whereas this data would not.
  • Pregnancy only on designed plays. A scramble in the middle will not count against the total number of loads in the game.


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