The rhythms of new life


Don’t forget to burp

As promised, now for something completely different: life as a new father.

I sit and hold the baby Liana in my arms

Resting head on my chest

She’s breathing, her pants, and her eyes swing between sleep and wakefulness

turn, cry, burp stuck

Half an hour of fingers and toes, the process begins again

And once again, she shrieked, pulling at her little body in an attempt to push

Two hours of this and it’s time to give mom

A difficult night for all three

burp missed

After 24 hours I carry my little girl in the same place

I gave her a little milk tonight

We took the extra time to drink it slowly

She is resting while I write with my thumb

Phone light glows in the dark room

My face lights up the back of her head

Child and dad of the twenty-first century

She makes a strange sound, moving from the palm of my father’s chest

Baby comfort. Comfort for the father.

It can be stressful. non stop.

Cleaning, tidying and working.

No beers with boys. No dinner or a movie with the wife

Dinner time is ruined again

Add tears and screams

Not a lot of fun, often. Do not lie.

Stress management takes on a new dimension.

But those little moments

It deserves all the screams

cliched, yeah

Worth all the screams, tears, and no beer

I write this note over the course of three nights

Through the full range of feelings

Baby in your arms, face leaning against his chest, puffy cheeks, mouth wide open

Difficult moments will pass

Beautiful moments remain

time, don’t go back

Exciting little face rotates from side to side, the baby is awake with his eyes

what are you thinking about?

Things are not as new and exciting to me as they were when I was in my twenties

or a teen. or a child.

Imagine what a baby is thinking, not even two months old

A trip to the diaper station is a big problem

The most adorable and often interesting expressions during a nappy change

Then kindergarten. Six minutes of alone time – we’re fine
Thank you.


There are different types of tears. The ones that just flow, for no reason.

Or because she doesn’t know how to talk

Or she doesn’t even know what she’s thinking. very little. Too helpless.

a trip. education. More attentive day by day.

Every now and then she cries with enough real tears to melt my heart

A helpless little thing in distress. And there isn’t much you can do.

The apartment was clean earlier today

Now a pile of dirty dishes is looming

Clothes are everywhere

Liana’s stuff on the floor

one day. such a mess. There is no space and new admiration for single parents.

Need to make time to rest

It’s best to make the most of it while you can

Before you know it, you’ll be in the next part of the arrangement, catching up on sleep,
back to work

Another day, I rested on my chest as I write this script again

complete peace

Her warm head is tucked under my beard

Relaxing warmth. Its warmth comforts me.

Little breaths cut the silent air of the night

Breath of life. very calm. Very natural. purity.

Simplicity at its best. this moment.

So small and fragile but full of life

Duties loom. Let this little lady go to sleep

Success now, that’s all we can do

Enjoy every moment, even when you can’t

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